What is STEM Universe?

STEM Universe is a growing professional learning network for STEM educators. From resources to classroom activity videos, our community offers relevant content to educators who need help learning teaching strategies or are just looking for a few expert tips to help them thrive. Our resources are contributed by incredible educators and STEM leaders from all over the world, each one sharing their own unique experiences.

STEM Universe is brought to you by STEM Supplies, the leader in STEM solutions. STEM Supplies brings innovative products into the classroom to immerse students in STEM principles and to connect their learnings to the real world. Our products are designed to promote creativity, inquiry, and collaboration while encouraging students to learn through discovery.

But at STEM Supplies, we know that STEM is more than a collection of amazing robots and exciting building manipulatives—it’s a full-fledged curriculum that demands unique teaching skills. We developed STEM Universe to inspire teachers to overcome the hurdles of implementing STEM practices into their classrooms and allow their students to reap the rewards of STEM learning!

Thank you for visiting STEM Universe and for your role in educating tomorrow’s leaders!


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